Passion and fun

I love melodies, beautiful songs, good sound, and I want to give your guests an authentic musical experience. I want to make them dance at weddings, make them listen to the latest lounge song at an afterwork, make them sing along in a bar.

I am a DJ who dances behind the decks. I love the rhythm, the melodies, the bass, and I’m the first one to have fun when we all get caught up in the music. My DJ teacher always told me, “If you don’t have fun, they can’t have fun.


I made my debut as a DJ at the the Palais Mascotte Geneva. Building upon my musical experience as a live artist, I started to make people dance every weekend. Since then, I have hosted hundreds of weddings, corporate parties, birthdays for adults and children. I have met all kinds of cultures and backgrounds, and I am confortable with any audience.

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